Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran
  • 1 Couteau office Nogent***
  • 2 Couteau cuisine Nogent***
  • 3 Couteau à découper Nogent***
  • 4 Couteau chef Nogent***
  • 5 Couteau santoku Nogent***
  • 6 Couteau à pain Nogent***
  • 7 Couteau steak Nogent***
Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Blending noble forms, colors and materials, the Profile range fits perfectly into any kitchen, making it possible to excel in the art of successfully handling each knife.


Blade : 10 cm
Knife : 21,4 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

The shortest blade in the range and therefore the easiest to control to peel and cut fruit and vegetables perfectly. It is essential for all everyday preparations and also features the Affidenté® serration technology.


Blade : 13 cm
Knife : 24,4 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

A medium-sized knife incorporating Affidenté® technology, this is the utility tool par excellence. Its long narrow blade is ideal for optimal penetration of soft fleshed foods such as tomatoes. It is also very useful for finely chopping herbs.


Blade : 17 cm
Knife : 34 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

With its long wide Affidenté®-equipped blade this knife will cut all cooked meats, from ham and salami to roasts and grilled chicken, with dexterity and ease.


Blade : 20 cm
Knife : 33,5 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

ide rigid blade, incorporating Affidenté® technology essential to meticulous food preparations, in particular for finely chopping herbs, vegetables, meats and fish.


Blade : 16 cm
Knife : 29,8 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Of Japanese inspiration, meaning the knife of 3 uses, it cuts, chops and minces. Borrowed from Far Eastern cooking techniques, it is equipped with Affidenté® technology, enabling it to cut small-sized pieces of meat, vegetables and fish meticulously, without tearing their flesh.


Blade : 19 cm
Knife : 32,2 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Scallop-edged blade with 6mm serrations to cut efficiently and cleanly. Ideal for breads and soft textures like brioches, sandwiches, exotic fruit…


Blade : 12 cm
Knife : 23,9 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Incorporating Affidenté® technology for clean and precise meat penetration and cutting with no tearing.


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Sebastian Conran
Designer of the Profile Range

After studying Industrial Design Engineering at Central College of Art & Design, Sebastian joined Wolff Olins in 1978, a leading corporate and brand identity consultancy, where he was given responsibility for key corporate accounts.

In 1981 he was recruited as head of product design at Mothercare – a collaboration that was to transform the appearance and performance of childcare equipment.

In 1986 he started Sebastian Conran Associates, a product and brand development consultancy that worked with a variety of international businesses to develop healthcare & consumer goods, industrial design and luxury goods.

In 1999 SCA merged with the Conran Group to form Conran & Partners, working in architecture, interiors, product & graphic design and later becoming managing director of Studio Conran, the Brand & Merchandise development division of the Conran Group.

Therefore almost natural collaboration that was forged between Sebastian CONRAN and the French company NOGENT Nogent *** .

Sebastian Conran

When invited by NOGENT Nogent *** to work with them on this range I was greatly impressed by their Affidente® serration technology. Four teeth per millimetre provide superior, positive control when preparing food, slicing cleanly without tearing. The added advantage of never needing to sharpen the blades made me all the more enthusiastic to work on this project.

To compliment and improve this further we have created the ergonomic hybrid handle: lightweight, injection-moulded polymer with the beauty of walnut. This range is a successful blend of beautiful materials and functional innovation with tangible benefits for the chef.

Signature Sebastian Conran

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