Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran
  • 1 Couteau office Nogent***
  • 2 Couteau cuisine Nogent***
  • 3 Couteau à découper Nogent***
  • 4 Couteau chef Nogent***
  • 5 Couteau santoku Nogent***
  • 6 Couteau à pain Nogent***
  • 7 Couteau steak Nogent***
Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Blending noble forms, colors and materials, the Profile range fits perfectly into any kitchen, making it possible to excel in the art of successfully handling each knife.


Blade : 10 cm
Knife : 21,4 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

The shortest blade in the range and therefore the easiest to control to peel and cut fruit and vegetables perfectly. It is essential for all everyday preparations and also features the Affidenté® serration technology.


Blade : 13 cm
Knife : 24,4 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

A medium-sized knife incorporating Affidenté® technology, this is the utility tool par excellence. Its long narrow blade is ideal for optimal penetration of soft fleshed foods such as tomatoes. It is also very useful for finely chopping herbs.


Blade : 17 cm
Knife : 34 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

With its long wide Affidenté®-equipped blade this knife will cut all cooked meats, from ham and salami to roasts and grilled chicken, with dexterity and ease.


Blade : 20 cm
Knife : 33,5 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

ide rigid blade, incorporating Affidenté® technology essential to meticulous food preparations, in particular for finely chopping herbs, vegetables, meats and fish.


Blade : 16 cm
Knife : 29,8 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Of Japanese inspiration, meaning the knife of 3 uses, it cuts, chops and minces. Borrowed from Far Eastern cooking techniques, it is equipped with Affidenté® technology, enabling it to cut small-sized pieces of meat, vegetables and fish meticulously, without tearing their flesh.


Blade : 19 cm
Knife : 32,2 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Scallop-edged blade with 6mm serrations to cut efficiently and cleanly. Ideal for breads and soft textures like brioches, sandwiches, exotic fruit…


Blade : 12 cm
Knife : 23,9 cm

Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran

Incorporating Affidenté® technology for clean and precise meat penetration and cutting with no tearing.


AFFIDENTÉ®: a NOGENT Nogent 3 étoiles exclusive process for an exceptional cutting edge

Following a first edging on an automated machine the blades are then bevel ground by hand on a whetstone. They are next subjected to a final operation in order to produce the Affidenté® serration, exclusive to NOGENT Nogent 3 étoiles.

The secret of this technology lies in the highly detailed sharpening of the blade, consisting of a minute serration of 4 teeth per millimeter. These serrations, almost invisible to the naked eye, make for perfectly controlled and nequaled cutting. Incredibly sharp, these knives make it possible to cut food effortlessly and without danger. There is smoothness in their use as the cutting edge doesn’t produce the disagreeable sensation a scalloped blade does.

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Gamme Profile Nogent*** by Sebastian Conran


The Profile range was born of a desire to secure NOGENT Nogent *** with a resolutely contemporary creation. It is the work of the combined talents of NOGENT Nogent ***, factory craftsmen, guardians of time-honored expertise with the creative design force, led by Sebastian Conran.

The company’s craftsmen have created top-quality blades while the latter has added refinement and functionality through his contemporary approach. This haute couture work revolves around pieces that are both unique and elegant and that honor French culinary art.

A unique cutting edge :

Un tranchant unique

Each beveled blade is stamped rather than forged, resulting in a knife that is both lightweight and easy to handle.

Thanks to a high carbon content, the blade is tempered to a Rockwell hardness of between 56 and 58 HRC.

As a result, these knives provide an exceptional cutting edge and extremely good resistance to wear and oxidation.

Optimal ergonomics

The combined and well-balanced use of two materials, Polyamide and solid walnut wood, involved a number of technical challenges and has made it possible to produce a handle that is reassuring and has excellent gripping ability, ensuring perfect ease of handling.
The combination of these two materials is the result of extensive research undertaken by NOGENT Nogent *** .
The tang, the invisible extension of the blade into the handle, also ensures improved weight distribution of the different materials, and contributes to the knife’s overall balance.

Eric Sirvin :
Chairman of NOGENT Nogent ***says :

We chose to join forces with Sebastian Conran, the most talented of current English designers, for his ability to make everyday items beautiful through eloquent and unrivaled design.

The Mission has been accomplished creating our Profile range; combining the outstanding quality of NOGENT Nogent *** knives with emotive forms beyond compare.

A perfect balance of lines and materials:

Devoid of any harshness, the NOGENT Nogent *** Profile range features harmonious curves and a sensually smooth texture to the touch. The brightness of the white polyamide is a perfect partner for the warm colors of the varnished walnut wood. The absence of rivets also gives a feeling of purity.

The walnut wood used on Profile knives is PEFC certified, coming as it does, from sustainably managed forests.

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